Landscape Construction: Updating & Restoring

When was the last time that your landscaping was updated?

If it has been nearly 20 years since your community or commercial property was built, it is almost certainly time to refresh- both for aesthetic and safety reasons. New landscaping can completely change the feel of a community, giving unit owners or tenants a place they are proud of.

Keep Unit Owners & Tenants Happy- Enhance Your Community with Modern Landscape Construction

Unit owners are who really drives the sales in condominium communities. The same can be said of tenants in commercial buildings. Ensure that the way your outdoor property looks and functions is consistent with the kind of image and community feel that you want to radiate. Revitalizing your outdoor space will keep current unit owners or tenants happy while simplifying your sales process.

Repairing Landscapes that are Damaged by Architecture Construction

If your property is undergoing updates to the architecture- for example, unit additions, or repairs to your underground parking- it is common that the surrounding landscaping is disturbed. Our team expertly restores landscaping elements that have been moved or damaged during these processes.

Trillium Associates Can Manage Your Complete Project

From sidewalk and curb repair to garden design and planting, and everything in between, our well-seasoned team can lead your updating or restoring efforts. Learn more about our project management services now.

We deal with all aspects of your outdoor space, including:

  • Correcting drainage issues
  • Replacing wooden retaining walls
  • Designing complete landscapes, including patios, seating areas, and gardens
  • Selecting quality plant material
  • Repairing and paving surfaces
  • Updating or constructing new porches
Let’s Talk About Your Requirements

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