Greener Pastures Ahead

Landscape designers help bring tired-looking properties back to life Property owners/managers and condominium boards often overlook the importance of landscape design and, consequently, its ability to improve a building’s curb appeal. Thus adding value to a property. Many regard it as merely horticultural makeup—cosmetic decoration applied to a site to enhance the appearance of a building– when, in fact, it […]

Condominium and Commercial Landscape Considerations

How many people from commercial property owners to condominium boards to property managers who are responsible for the buildings and site appearance give any thought to the site or building entryway? The entryway to the property is the first opportunity to greet tenants, condo owners, visitors, customers and employees.  From the overall design and plants […]

Landscape Renovations Impact on Established Condominium Sites

Today’s perception of landscaping and its positive implications have not changed much over the years for those in the property management field or for condominium boards.  I hope to change those perceptions or at least provide some education of how properly executed site design can benefit the site stakeholders. I will be using actual site […]