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Condominium and Commercial Landscape Considerations

How many people from commercial property owners to condominium boards to property managers who are responsible for the buildings and site appearance give any thought to the site or building entryway?

The entryway to the property is the first opportunity to greet tenants, condo owners, visitors, customers and employees.  From the overall design and plants to the built features are all meant to draw the visitor in. That is why it is so important that the entryway landscape and everything around it in every way present a warm and welcoming experience.


First impressions matter because it is the first thing a visitor sees even before they come into a building.

Disintegrating surfaces and walls, dead or dying plants, lack of colour and a general tired appearance all contribute to the assumption that little care is given to the people who visit, live or work in a building. It also speaks volumes about the little interest for our environment.


The main entryway to a building or commercial site is the focal point of public interaction, with owners and visitors. It may receive heavy use and the resulting high cost of maintenance. Therefore, it important that the entryways design incorporates plants and materials that can stand up to environmental and harsh weather conditions. The design needs bring focus and to resist everyday wear and tear while maintaining its beauty and function.


The entrance to the building or onto the site advertises your commercial property like a billboard.

Don’t advertise a commercial property with a landscape that is unflattering or just downright ugly with

dead trees and shrubs, no colour and littered with trash. An unimaginative landscape will speak volumes about the business but creating a dynamic four season landscape with something fresh and interesting at least four times a year will be proven by the resulting business increase. During winter months the landscape can be sustained through the use of planters to provide winter visual interest.

To enhance a buildings entrance way whether it be a condominium or a commercial building; it’s vital to consider everything that will affect the landscape design. Serious thought must be given to the site natural elements such as climate, soil, slope of the land, drainage, observe where the sunlight falls on the site or entrance at different times of the day. Examine the entry way from various angles and assess the effect of existing buildings, roads, walkways, parking areas and utilities. All of these elements must be assessed to truly optimize a building entry.